Brecknock Road

LocationBrecknock Road, London


The project involved the regeneration a plot of land used as garages and located between an imposing housing estate and an existing house owned and occupied by the client.
The development encompasses three new build residential units, two one-bedroom flats and one two bedroom flat, each with private terrace overlooking the garden at the rear.
The employer, a returning client who enjoys working closely with designers, was familiar with KSdesign modern approach, and was keen on a space that is contemporary in character with a high contrast, monochromatic theme, clean lines and minimalistic in style.
Extensive cooperation with the local authority established the quantum of the development, the materials and character of the building, which is subservient to the larger house owned by the client but able to have its own presence.
To overcome overlooking to the adjacent properties the rear shows a stepped design which presented the opportunity of creating terraces and forming a continuous visual connection between the principal living spaces and the garden at the back.
KSdesign were involved in all RIBA stages of the project including design, planning, Building Regulations and working drawings.